No matter how long you’ve been addicted to drugs, whether you’ve been dependent on something for a year or ten years, you will need treatment that bends to your needs and circumstances.


While you need personalized and compassionate treatment, you will also need it to be structured and effective in its planning. We can provide both of those things for you to achieve a happy medium in treatment and therefore get the kind of personal treatment you need to overcome your addiction.

The first thing you must do, however, is admit to yourself and those around you that you have a problem you cannot solve, control, or overcome on your own. You must first commit yourself fully to treatment.

After you fully come to terms with your condition, you will need to go through withdrawal in our drug detox clinic.

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While your body goes through the process of expelling the harmful chemicals that keep you dependent upon your drug of choice, you will go through some unpleasant side effects. To make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible we need to monitor your progress throughout so that it is as safe, comfortable, and efficient as it can be. After you get through detox and all the chemicals are out of your body, you will go through individual and group therapy to begin working on your long-term healing and recovery.

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Will there be a charge for a new conusltation ?

The next step is to go through one-on-one therapy sessions to work on your mental health. You will vent your challenges, receive professional advice, and begin creating a personalized addiction treatment program that will be both centered around your needs and comprehensively altered to better meet them.

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While you are designing this program with your counselor, you will be screened for dual diagnosis mental health issues. Your treatment will be made with the counselor’s recommendations and guidance.

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Then you will go through group therapy where you will work together with the other clients to better understand your condition and receive insight from the people who know best what you’re going through.

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The bonds and friendships will motivate and inspire you, and they may last with you as long as the advice you hear does. The empathy that is exchanged helps everyone involved and will help you as well.

Who will decide the attorney for my case?

Finally, when you go to leave our addiction treatment center, you will depart with the guidance of you personalized recovery program. You will also leave with the support and care of all the people you have met our drug rehab clinic.

Will there be a charge for a new conusltation ?

You will never be on your own when you are finished with treatment at our addiction recovery facility. Come see what true support feels like, call us today to set up a free appointment.